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Solar Power

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Solar Power

Solar power is a renewable and sustainable energy source derived from the sun’s radiation. It is harnessed using photovoltaic (PV) cells, which convert sunlight directly into electricity, or through solar thermal systems that utilize sunlight to heat a fluid and generate steam, driving turbines to produce electricity straight to your home.

Back-Up Power

Say No to Load Shedding

Back-Up Power

Backup power, often provided through uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), is a mechanism designed to ensure the continuous operation of electronic devices, systems, or even entire buildings during power outages or fluctuations in the main power supply. This technology for us specifically serves as a safety net against Load shedding.

Water Heating

From Solar Geysers to Pool Heat Pumps, we’ve got the right water heating for you.

Water Heating

Solar water heating is a technology that utilizes sunlight to heat water for various purposes, such as domestic use, space heating, or industrial processes. It involves the use of solar thermal collectors, which are typically mounted on rooftops or other suitable locations with good sun exposure. These collectors absorb sunlight and convert it into heat energy.

The Long & The Short

Blue Planet Power is primarily a Solar P.V. Supplier and Installer with 20 years of experience in renewable energy. Our work has taken us across various countries in Africa & Europe with projects ranging from small Off-Grid Cabins & Remote Microwave Communications sites to large industrial & Telecommunications Grid-Tied Installations.

Solar Systems & UPS Backup Systems

Blue Planet Power is a solar power supplier with local solar panel suppliers and registered solar electric contractors throughout South Africa, Our Photovoltaic solar systems are designed specifically for residential solar installation, commercial solar installation & off grid solar installations. We supply A grade solar panels from Tier 1 Solar plate suppliers.

Most residential solar companies leave you with no idea what is required to have an effective solar energy installation. Most will make lists of pv panels, off grid inverters and batteries that don’t mean much to you. We offer a simple menu that allows you to size your system to your needs and allowing you to determine the cost you are able to spend and no hidden costs.
In Addition to solar power we also offer emergency battery backup power solutions by means of a UPS or uninterrupted power supply.

A UPS for the house power system is mainly designed to take care of essential items such as lighting, TV, DSTV, WIFI and fridge/freezer but with our long lasting battery backup systems you can go so far as installing a power outage battery backup for the whole house and later upgrading to solar if your needs change.

Blue Planet Power Branches

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Phone: 044 382 1507


Hoedspruit (Limpopo): 015 590 1480

Brits (Northwest Province): 012 030 1351

Benoni (Gauteng): 010 020 8700

Pretoria (Gauteng): 012 030 1350

Pinetown (KZN): 031 941 1051

Cape Town (Western Cape): 021 020 2351

Bloemfontein (Free State): 051 010 5300